If you're looking for someone who is competent, educated, and experienced Alissa and her team are here to help. They know that selling your property can be a time of great excitement or great stress and Alissa wants to help you devise an effective sales plan.


What do I need to do to get my home ready to sell?

How much will it cost to get it ready for sale?

Do I need a vendor team that can help me with repairs and upgrades?

What about marketing with print materials, signage, and online ads?

I have put so much into my landscaping and edible garden, how much is this worth?

If you have an investment property, start planning now. Think about taxes, the tenants, giving your management company notice of the sale (if applicable), needed repairs and maintenance, your timeline, and your goals. Ease of transaction and getting top dollar are important, and the Latitude Team understands the process from both the seller's and buyer's perspective--they have done it many times themselves.

If you have an urban farm or home with an extensive edible or naturescaped landscape, Alissa wants to hear from you. Finding the right buyer for this type of property is of paramount importance. You don’t want years or decades of effort to go to waste by selling it to someone who will not steward your work for the next couple of decades. If you have Backyard Habitat Certification, edible gardens, or a full scale farm, Alissa would love to help you sell it and ensure it stays a neighborhood and community asset.

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Talk to Alissa about the value of your home or investment property. Start by getting your free market report today.

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Nature paradise + vintage 1950's duplex = Quality of Life. πŸ¦πŸ“πŸŒ³