Is Alissa a licensed broker in the State of Oregon?

Yes. Alissa's license number is 201211586. If you need to verify this, the Oregon Real Estate Agency License website has more information. 

Alissa has her license under eXp Realty, LLC.  

Click here to view the Oregon State Disclosure.

Who is Alissa's principal broker?

Alissa's principal broker is Debra Gisriel of eXp Realty.

Why should I work with Alissa?

1. Her ethos centers on strong, clear communication and meaningful exchange. 

2. She has a deep and thorough knowledge of Portland's market.

3. She understands people and ensures that the experience is great. This includes all sides of the transaction from the listing side to the buying side to the lending process and escrow teams.

4. Alissa is still acquiring properties for her own portfolio. She believes in ownership and lives the process everyday.

Working together: The initial consultation with Alissa

I like to have a clear understanding of the client relationship. This happens once we decide to work with each other. For me, it's about focusing on understanding each other, our working styles, general code of conduct, and overall expectations.

As a buyer's agent, we sit down and go over your goals, financing plan, the ideal house or investment property you're looking for, and any other pertinent information you need to share. If you decide to work with Alissa, a buyer service agreement will need to be signed.

As a listing agent, we go over your goals, timeline, marketing, and any other details related to selling your property. This time is yours and is meant to help guide you in your home-selling process. If you decide to work with Alissa, a listing agreement will be signed.